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About Us

Our Pro Team

Our Philosophy

The Slippery Bandit philosophy is simple; create inexpensive and useful products while maximizing support for the One Wheel community.


In practice, this works in two ways:

1) Keeping Costs Down

Nothing irks us more than how unnecessarily expensive accessories in the One Wheel market can be; especially when it comes to consumables such as Rail Guards or our own Bumper Bois. To this end, we try to price all of our products to generate a modest, but not exorbitant profit. Furthermore, unlike some peers in the market, we don't ask our customers to pay shipping fees (usually $10). We build these costs into the product price so that users don't end up hitting the checkout page with a surprise expense.

2) Sharing Profits With Our Pro Team

When you make a purchase on our website, a significant percentage of the profit earned goes directly back to one or more members of our Pro Team. Our Pro Team uses these funds to pay for board repairs, participation in races, competition and events, and other One Wheel related expenses. As far as we can tell, this is the most straightforward and transparent method of promoting and growing talent in the One Wheel community.